Starbar Trap ‘N Toss Fly Trap

Starbar Trap ‘N Toss Fly Trap


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Starbar Trap ‘N Toss Fly Trap is a handy, disposable fly trap that can be hung or set down wherever flies are most active. Attracts and kills flies without insecticides. This trap can hold over 10,000 flies and is safe for use around children, pets, or livestock. It is easy-to-use, just

  • Fly control for the medium level of the farm
  • Can also be set on the ground
  • Simple fly trap for outdoor rural areas
  • Comes with fly attractant
  • Holds thousands of flies
  • Active Ingredients:

    • (Z)-9-Tricosene (1%)
    • Indole (0.2%)
    • Trimethylamine (0.6%)