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We never want it to be difficult or even just less than wonderful to do business with us. To fulfill our goals, we have always hired knowledgeable people to answer the phone and take orders. But we also realize with all the products we carry, that no one can know everything about all of them. So you may get a friendly “I don’t know, but I will find out and get that information back to you!”

Service is also achieved by stocking up so that your order gets same day shipment. If your order is received by 3 pm MST, it will get pulled, packed and shipped that same day. Animal Health Express has a $19.95 service charge on all orders. If the order is greater than $100.00, the service charge drops to $9.95. We consider the service charge to be a no-hassle insurance policy. In other words, once an order is taken and shipped – if our VIP (we call them VIPs – rather than customers, because every one of our customers is a VIP) does not receive it on time, we take care of everything. We track it with the shipping company, if an acceptable delivery date cannot be confirmed, then we immediately re-ship the entire order to the VIP. We make all the calls to the shipper and fight for reimbursement of damaged or lost products. All we expect our customers to do is let us know their order has been delayed.

Tim and Barbara are from the West and they wanted people in the west to have a closer service for their animal supplies. Located in Tucson, Arizona a UPS ground service package is 1-3 days to all the western states. Though certainly not the largest – the over 4,000 products offered give livestock, horse and pet owners all the barn supplies needed for those animals. Animal Health Express does a lot of special orders to fill in for what they might not have for a VIP.

We hope this On-Line catalog is just one more way to make is easy and convenient for you our VIPs to do business with us. We strive hard to continue to earn your business with each and every order.


Tim & Barbara Jackson