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SU-PER PulmoShield Paste by Gateway Products ~ 30 CC

SU-PER PulmoShield Paste by Gateway Products ~ 30 CC


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The SU-PER PulmoShield paste helps support normal pulmonary and respiratory function of the lungs. SU-PER PulmoShield is a dietary supplement of vitamins, minerals, and concentrated herbal extracts formulated to minimize the occurrence of EIPH by creating and maintaining stronger capillarie, which makes them less likely to burst, SU-PER PulmoShield also makes sure the capillaries are constantly permeable and resilient under  the pressure of performance.

30 CC Paste form with an apple flavor

Amount to Give:

Give 1/2 tube for four days before competition or strenous work and 1 tube on the day of competition. Please Note, if you are using the powder on a regular basis, just substitute the paste on the day of the competition.


Per Syringe: Vitamin A - 54,000IU, Vitamin C - 3,125 mg, Vitamin D3 2,148 IU, L-Carnitine - 1,000 mg, DMG - 500 mg, Grape Seed Extract - 250 mg, Bioflavonoid Complex - 275 mg, Hawthorn - 150 mg, Oat Straw Extract - 110 mg, Vitamin E - 64 IU, and the optimum amount of Chlorophyll

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