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SU-PER Gastroshield - Animal Health Express

SU-PER Gastroshield Powder for Stomach Lining and More


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SU-PER Gastrosheild is an aid in the treatment for the stomach lining and the prevention of gastric ulcers in horses.

It contains ingredients that help protect the stomach against unusually high gastric acid levels.

Formulated to help:

  • Maintain proper levels of stomach acid
  • Provide a protective barrier between the acid and the stomach lining
  • Increase digestion efficiency to avoid hyper-acidic conditions in the stomach

Works to neutralize excess stomach acid, improve digestion, and protect and heal the stomach lining.

It contains ingredients that support digestion and a healthy intestinal tract!

Ingredients per ounce:

  • Calcium Carbonate/Probiotic Blend - 5,000 mg each
  • MSM - 2,500 mg
  • DGL Licorice Powder/Vitamin C - 1,000 mg each
  • Slippery Elm Inner Bark - 400 mg
  • L-Glycine - 350 mg L-Glutamine/Gamma Oryzanol - 250 mg each
  • Niacin/Thiamine - 200 mg each
  • Chlorophyll/Marshmallow Root - 150 mg each
  • Ginger Root - 50 mg
  • Zinc - 25 mg


Give 1 ounce twice daily or 1 ounce each mealtime. Give 1/2 ounce twice daily for maintenance.

Serving Size:

For 1 Ounce Serving Size: 4 Pound - 64