SU-PER - Dmg 3000 Powder - 2.5 lb.

SU-PER - Dmg 3000 Powder - 2.5 lb.


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Training And Performance Support For Exercising Muscles!

SU-PER DMG 3000 supports normal cardiovascular, immune, and muscle function!

Athletes will take DMG because:

  • It improves oxygen utilization
  • It reduces lactic acid in their muscles

So why wouldn't you want to give it to your hard-working steed?!

The powder has an apple flavoring to make it tasty for your horse!

You Can Also Get A Quantity Discount When 4 Or More Tubs Are Purchased.

How Long Should It Last?

It should last roughly 40 days with the 2.5 lb tub.


  1. Give 1 ounce per day.
  2. Four days prior to race or event, increase to 2 ounces per day.
  3. May be given on race day. The amount and frequency may be varied as necessary.

Ingredients Per Ounce:

  • N,N-DiMethylGlycine - 3,000 mg