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Small Animal Disposable IV Set - Animal Health Express

Small Animal Disposable IV Set


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JorVet Small Animal Disposable IV Set is a new IV set from JorVet for use on either vented or non-vented IV fluid containers.

  • The Piercing Spike can be easily inserted into all infusion containers. The smooth surface reduces the risk of rubber abrasion during insertion.
  • An Integrated Bacteria Proof Air Vent in closed position works on non-vented collapsible IV bags.
  • In open position works on vented rigid plastic or glass containers.
  • Accurate Drop Former helps form even, large drops for the required drop rates, 20 drops/ml.
  • 72" Soft Elastic Tubing assures an easy setting of the roller clamp.
  • Air bubbles can be easily detected through the transparent tube material.
  • Precision Roller Clamp provides a reliable setting of the infusion.
  • Frequent checks are not necessary.
  • Luer Connector.
  • Latex Injection Piece ensures the hygienic injection of drugs.