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JorVet Skin Stapler


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JorVet Skin Stapler staplers are single use and sterile. Using a skin stapler can be faster than using sutures. They are a simple and affordable tool that helps increase wound closure time. When the wound is healed staples must be removed with a staple remover.

Braun Manipler AZ skin stapler is the newest development in surgical skin staplers. The stapler is sterile and lightweight with a modern design, holding 35 sterile staples. 20 staples sufficiently closes a 4”-5” incision. J0800M

If an injury requires more than 35 staples, a cartridge of 20 sterile Sugi-Close Staples can be inserted into the handle and are specially designed to reduce jamming. J0800X

Remove staples with Staple Removal Forceps J0799R