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Simplifly with Larvastop - Animal Health Express

Farnam Simplifly with Larvastop - 10 lb Bucket


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Farnam Simplifly with Larvastop - 10 lb Bucket has been proven to reduce fly populations 97-100%! Contains NO Organophosphates and NO resistance shown to date. The only feed-thru fly control granted reduced risk status by the EPA. Use as part of an integrated fly control program for most effective results.

Farnam® SimpliFly® With LarvaStop™

SimpliFly® with LarvaStop™ is a highly palatable feed additive that prevents formation of fly larvae in treated manure. LarvaStop™ breaks the fly lifecycle by preventing the formation of fly larvae’s exoskeletons when they molt, resulting in their death. The alfalfa-scented pellets are easily fed and economical to use, and only need to be administered during fly season. Because the dosage is designated by weight, it can be given to any horses from minis to draft. A reduced risk pesticide, it contains no organophosphates and can be used as part of an integrated pest management program.


  • Prevents the development of stable flies and house flies in the manure of treated horses
  • Feed-thru fly control
  • Highly palatable feed additive
  • Contains no organophosphates
  • Pellets with an Alfalfa scent
  • Reduces fly populations by 97-100%

Item Specifications:

Active Ingredient:
Diflubenzuron (Dimilin) CAS# 35367-38-5 0.24%
Other Ingredients: 99.76%

10 lb bucket