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Orvus W A Paste Shampoo Soap

Orvus W A Paste Shampoo Soap


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Why we love this product: 

Orvus® WA Paste Shampoo has been used for effectively washing horses and livestock for decades. This shampoo is made using a non–irritating formula that provides gentle deep cleaning without harsh chemicals and dyes. A synthetic, near–neutral Ph cleanser that is soluble in hot or cold water and rinses easily.

This stuff really works! A little goes a long way so it is great for washing multiple horses. Orvus® is known for its amazing results on white, grey, and other light–colored horses leaving them sparkling clean! It is also great at removing manure stains making it an excellent choice for cleaning white markings.

Effectively cleans horses, pets, and livestock.

Contains Sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl alcohol, sodium sulfate and water. No phosphate, biodegradable surfactants.

FOB of 8 lbs applies to shipping
Favorite Features
  • Non-irritating formula that's soluble in hot and cold water.
  • Works great on light– colored horses. And is especially effective on manure stains
  • Rinses out easily.
  • You only need a little to achieve a great lather so it will last a long time.
  • Deep cleans without dyes and fragrances that can irritate the skin.
  • Can be used on your all of your horses, pets, and livestock.