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Magrath Power Pack Handle and Shafts
Magrath Power Pack Handle - Animal Health Express

Magrath Power Pack Handle and Shafts


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The Magrath Power Pack Handle is the famous yellow stock shock known for its high output shock, long battery life, sealed motor, and extreme dependability.

Power Pak Handle Assembly for Springer Magrath Stock Prod. features grooved finger guide allows finding the switch by feel, even with gloved hands; rubber switch insulator prevents feedback.

  • Precious metal battery contacts won't corrode, and heavy coil spring assures firm battery contact.
  • Four high-energy, longer lasting alkaline batteries included.
  • Housed in a tough, structural-grade plastic case for reliable service.

Shafts in several lengths sold separately.

Shafts available in 38", 49", and 60". FOB applies due to length of shafts.
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