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Labelvage Drench Guns

Labelvage Drench Guns


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These drenchers from Labelvage are ideal for dosing larger animals such as cattle and sheep. 

  • The body is constructed of durable plastic with a curved metal drenching nozzle. 
  • The drencher has a replaceable o-ring. 
  • Available in three sizes. Only the 200 ml is stocked. Call us to order other sizes.
  • Made in France.
Size Dosage Increments
200 ML  10-200 ML 10 ML
300 ML  25-300 ML 25 ML
600 ML  50-600 ML 50 ML


UPC Numbers
000200 - 200 ML (Green)
000300 - 300 ML (Blue)
000600 - 600 ML (Clear)

UPC Numbers

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