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InPouch TF Trich Test - Animal Health Express

InPouch TF Trich Test


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Test for Trich in your herd with the innovative two-compartment system.

Take samples from your bull's prepuce, or by collecting a sample from the vaginal discharge or uterine discharge of the cow.

A highly selective culture media device for the detection of Tritrichomonas foetus. InPouch TF is a cost-effective, easy to use, broth media device for combined collection, incubation, and detection.

Comibing both growth and observation increase efficiency and decrease the cost of laboratory mjaterials and medical waste.

The sample must be forwared to a lab to be read.

Widely known as the Gold Standard media for this STI, InPouch TF increases specificity by inhibiting the growth of yeasts, molds, bacteria and other micro-flora.

Simply swab and inoculate the fluid within InPouch at the point-of-care. Its selective, nutritive media provides presumptive-positive results of one or more live trichomonads in a little over 15 minutes. No plating, or wet mount slide preparation are needed. Dramatically reduces your workload and costs by placing InPouch directly on the microscope stage for low power (100x) observation.


Sold in a box of 10 pouches or box of 10 tubes