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Horsemanship Flag - Animal Health Express
Horsemanship Flag - Animal Health Express

Double Diamond Horsemanship Flag


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The horsemanship flag is the tool every horse trainer and/or owner should have for horse training. Instead of antenna wire, our horsemanship flags are made with fiberglass handles. They have black shafts composed of a premium composite fiberglass with a multi-layer epoxy coating. They are highly durable, weather resistant, lightweight,and balanced.

At 44” in length, the shaft is long enough to expose your horse to the movement and feel of the flag from a safe distance. The handles are made of high density foam and the flag material is composed of a poly coated, rip-stop nylon.

A steel shaft is also available. Please allow extra time for delivery of the steel shaft horse flag.

Horsemanship Flag material is composed of a poly coated, rip-stop nylon, secured to the shaft with a reinforced grommet and measures 18” x 20”. The soft feel is great gentle on your horse and is perfect for desensitizing.

Flag Uses:

  • Horsemanship
  • Groundwork
  • Young horse training & development
  • Herd work
  • Desensitization/confidence building


  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Kelly Green
  • Black
  • Royal Blue
  • Bright Orange
  • White

Please specify your flag color preference. If no color is specified, we will send you what is available at the time of your order.

Double Diamond Halter Company

"We are proud to offer the finest handmade rope halters and horse tack. Built by cowboys, tested by broncs."

Each of these fine halters are hand-tied in the great state of Montana. At times the demand exceeds the availability. We here at Animal Health Express will do our best to process your order, offer you subsitutes if you need and keep you updated with the shipment status. We appreciate your business!