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Estrotect Heat Detector for Cows - Animal Health Express

Estrotect Heat Detector for Cows


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As mounting activity occurs, the Estrotect Breeding Indicators silver and black surface inks are rubbed off by the friction of the mounting. This will reveal the indicator color of red/orange.

Precision designed with Breeding Bullseye technology to take the guesswork out of breeding protocols

Scientifically-proven to help increase confirmed pregnancy rates by up to THREE times!

The only University-tested and proven breeding indicator on the market

Can be used in a variety of applications, including heat detection, pinpointing timing for breeding protocols, confirming pregnancies and identifying potential embyonic loss.


  • Indicators should be warmed to approx. 100 degrees prior to applying to keep them pliable.
  • Application site can vary depending on the fly count, tail flicking can rub the indicator.
  • Ideal placement is halfway between the hip and tail head.
  • If the fly count is high place on top of the tail head.

Brushing loose hair from the application site with a soft brush will allow the indicator to stick more firmly.