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Encore Implant

Encore Implant


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Encore (estradiol) is a sustained-release estrogen implant that is an ideal fit for lightweight steer calves and long-fed Holstein steer programs. Contains 43.9 mg estradiol and is coated with not less than 0.5 mg of oxytetracycline powder as a local antibacerial. Encore offers a long-acting, flexible, convenient implant option with the added benefits of a localized antibacterial coating on every dose.

LONG-LASTING — Encore lasts the entire feeding period — for up to 400 days.

SUSTAINED GROWTH — Encore improves weight gain and feed efficiency with no impact on quality grade, even if calves are exposed to heat stress during the early growth phases.1

IMPROVED EFFICIENCY — Because only one Encore implant is required, fewer times through the chute means less potential injury, lower labor costs, less disturbance of normal feeding behavior and lower stress.1

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