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Double Diamond Rope Halter–Yearling
Double Diamond Rope Halter–Yearling

Double Diamond Rope Halter–Yearling

DDHTK099 101

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Double Diamond Rope Halter – Yearling

Double Diamond Rope Halter–Yearling size is made from one continuous length of 5/16" (approx. 8mm) polypropylene rope consisting of a stranded core with a 16 strand diamond braid covering. These are our stiffer rope halters and a favorite with horse trainers and outfitters. Unique design, infinitely adjustable and no hardware to break.

Color: black, brown, white, hunter green, hunter green/tan, royal blue/green, brown/tan/black, tan/black, burgundy/teal/black/white, red/black, black/tan, navy/tan, burgundy/tan/black.

The colors above are available from Double Diamond. The colors on the drop down menu to add to the cart are stocked. If the color you want is not available to add to the cart, call us. We will get it ordered for you.

DD # 100

Double Diamond Halter Company

"We are proud to offer the finest handmade rope halters and horse tack. Built by cowboys, tested by broncs."

Each of these fine halters are hand-tied in the great state of Montana. At times the demand exceeds the availability. We here at Animal Health Express will do our best to process your order, offer you subsitutes if you need and keep you updated with the shipment status. We appreciate your business!