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CattlActive for Cattle by Pro Earth Animal Health

CattlActive for Cattle by Pro Earth Animal Health

PEHAM120 125

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CattlActive® is a prebiotic because the formula has a pH of 10.8 – 11; an alkaline environment provides support to the beneficial microbe population in the rumen.

A 100% natural cattle supplement designed by fellow cattle ranchers. It has a variety of ingredients including mineral water, vegetable fats, soy oil, corn oil, guar gum, glycerin, orange peel bitters and onion extract

The highly palatable ingredients in CattlActive® encourage cattle to eat and drink more readily.

  • CattlActive’s® highly palatable formula encourages feed consumption
  • Improves the flavor of water; increased water consumption can decrease the chance of dehydration during times of stress
  • Prebiotics can minimize the impact of heat stress by stabilizing pH.
  • Prebiotic research indicates there is also less inflammation and improved nutrient absorption along with less “leaky gut” symptoms.
  • Prebiotics provide support to the microbes allowing them to recover faster after a stress event. Many of the disease-causing organisms are opportunistic; increasing growth rates of the beneficial microbes prevent these disease-causing organisms from dominating

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