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CattlActive by Pro Earth Animal Health

CattlActive by Pro Earth Animal Health

PEHAM120 125 ML

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CattlActive by Pro Earth Animal Health is a highly palatable, all-natural drench that encourages feed and water consumption in times of stress.

  • By definition, CattlActive® is a prebiotic because the formula has a pH of 10.8 – 11; an alkaline environment provides support to the beneficial microbe population in the rumen.
  • CattlActive® does not contain live microbes such as those that probiotics contain.
  • prolonged support to the rumen microbes allowing time to adjust to the changes in diet and populate rapidly. This increase in beneficial rumen microbe population increases utilization of feedstuffs and reduces the population of disease-causing organisms.

To get calves to eat more and drink adequately after weaning, the calves’ rumens must be kept in optimal condition. CattlActive® was formulated to help cattle breeders and ranchers maintain a balanced pH in the rumen and achieve their desired calf weight targets at the appropriate time.

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