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Callicrate PRO Bander - Animal Health Express
Callicrate PRO Bander - Animal Health Express

Bloodless Bull Castration Tool - Callicrate PRO Bander


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The Most Humane Way to Castrate Bulls for Over 20 Years.

The Callicrate Pro Bander with Built-in Band Cutter allows for bloodless band castration for any size bull from 300 to 3000 lbs.

The same easy to use lightweight ratchet design as the original, the Callicrate PRO Bander, doesn't need a crimping rod and tension clip. Because each loop is ratcheted to the tightness required, each provides a custom fit.

Spring-loaded indicator senses proper tightness.

Pro Bander Features & Benefits:

  • Allows bulls to grow and develop muscles.
  • Humane, bloodless, and drug-free.
  • Large simple to load loop makes proper placement.
  • Highly visible bright green solid latex loops.
  • Three times stronger than pre-made latex rings.
  • It can be used in any weather condition.
  • It may be used at any age in the bull's life.

360-degree tension indicator provides a custom application of tension for immediate and complete blocking of the blood vessels, for shorter scrotal drop time with less pain and swelling.

Scrotum should fall off in 20 to 35 days.

Vaccinate with tetanus toxoid according to label directions.

The kit comes with bander, 5 loops, cutter, and carrying case. Uses PRO bands only. A package of 25 loops is available.