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Blue Ribbon Calf Electrolyte - Animal Health Express

Merrick Blue Ribbon Calf Electrolyte


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Calves can lose a significant amount of water in a short period of time, therefore it is crucial to diagnose and treat calves quickly to prevent mortality. Blue Ribbon Calf Electrolyte aids the addition of direct fed microbials, specially designed for calves. Electrolytes gives them a chance to repopulate the gut with positive bacteria.

Blue Ribbon Calf Electrolyte is a balanced fortification process for replacing needed quantities of energy, electrolytes, and vital body fluids lost through dehydration. Electrolytes allow calves to both rehydrate and rebalance their bodies for healthy growth.

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  • 12+ Pkt/4 oz

Dosage: Mix 4 oz packet with 2 qts warm water.