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Ultrabac 8 Bacterin Toxoid for Clostridium Perfringens - Animal Health Express

Ultrabac 8 Bacterin Toxoid for Clostridium Perfringens


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Ultrabac 8 is an 8-Way BacterinToxoid recommended for the prevention and protection from perfringens bacteria and perfringens infections in cattle and sheep. It prevents and protects cattle against eight types of clostridial diseases. Clostridium bacteria are universally present and produce potent toxins that can result in rapid death of otherwise healthy animals. Ultrabac 8 protects against ailments including clostridium chauvoei, clostridium septicum, clostridium novyi, clostridium sordellii, and perfringens types C & D (7-way), plus haemolyticum (redwater).

Store at 2 °-7 °C and do not freeze. Make sure to use the entire contents of the animal vaccine after opening. Anaphylaxis may occur after use, like with many vaccines. Epinephrine antidote is recommended and should be followed with supportive therapy to ensure animal health and well-being.

  • Helps prevent eight clostridial diseases (including diseases caused by CI. haemolyticum and C. perfringens Types B, C and D).
  • Helps provide comprehensive clostridial protection in one vaccine.


  • Cattle: Administer 5ml SQ, followed by a second dose 4-6 weeks later.
  • Sheep: Administer 2 ½ ml SQ, followed by a second dose 4-6 weeks later.
  • For CI. haemolyticum, repeat dosage every 6 months in animals subject to re-exposure.
  • Administer recommended booster annually
  • ***Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter***

Available in a 10 or 50 dose bottle.


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Lori S.
United States

I love Animal Health Express,

I love Animal Health Express, we use them for most all vaccines and they are very responsive, the service is great!