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Covidien Disposable Needles - Animal Health Express

Covidien Disposable Needles


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Our sterile Covidien Disposable Animal Needles are ultra sharp for consistent, trauma-free injection control and maximum patient comfort.

These hypodermic, stainless steel needles are professional quality and are fitted with color-coded caps for helpful and easy identification and aluminum hub luer locks. Covidien Disposable Needles are guaranteed tamper-proof, heat sealed sterile packaging and are friendly.

Needles are available for purchase in bulk, 100 per box.

  • Tamper-free heat seal guarantees sterility
  • Aluminum hub luer lock
  • 16 x 5/8" and 18 x 5/8" are BQA "B" bevel

Needle Sizes:

20 ga x 1 ½ for Horses

16 ga x 1” for Beef Cattle