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Numotizine Poultice


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Veterinary Numotizine Cataplasm is a comforting poultice for horses. Numotizine helps provide temporary relief of superficial and muscular pain, soreness and stiffness in sprains, sore shin, tendonitis, bruises, and related conditions due to overexertion or strenuous exercise.

It is also effective in painful swellings. Applied as a poultice. Numotizine helps retain the body's own warmth in the area under treatment. The Cataplasm is medicated with guaiacol, beechwood creosote, and methyl salicylate for comforting warmth.

Directions: After first rubbing in a small quantity of Numotizine Cataplasm to insure contact with the skin, apply 1/4" thick. Cover with suitable bandaging. The application may be left on 8 to 12 hours before removing and replacing with a new application if desired.

  • Caution: Use only as directed.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Do not apply to large areas of the body.
  • Not recommended for use on cats.
  • Discontinue use if excessive irritation of the skin develops.

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