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Vaccine Programs

What vaccination program should I use on my calves?

Questions about vaccination programs are typical amongst ranchers. And it’s not surprising as there are so many products to choose from - it can be overwhelming.


Always my first question back to the Rancher when he or she asks is: Do you work with a Veterinarian? If not, you need to get one and meet at least once a year to establish a herd health program for your ranch. Let the Vet see your livestock and learn what your goals are for your animals. Are you running a cow/calf operation raising calves to sell, or a seed stock operation raising bulls and females to sell for breeding? Do your cattle run on western public lands or a Midwest pasture? We are all in the cattle business – doing the same thing – producing beef – but we all do it differently. We utilize the resources and genetics that we have in our cattle. 


When it comes to vaccine programs for feeder calves – how are you marketing your cattle? Is it a private treaty? Are you retaining ownership throughout the feeding program? Are you taking them to the local auction or a video auction? Are you trying to do a value-added program such as NHTC, Natural, Age and Source, etc.? I often refer people to look up the Vaccine programs on Superior Video Auction. These have become an industry standard for various pre-conditioning programs. Other auction or marketing companies, such as Round-Up, also mention vaccine programs.


What are your goals for your livestock, how will you market them – then you can build the best vaccine program to best fit your needs.