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Calf Crop

Calf Crop Article Animal Health Express


What to consider if the calf crop is not as good as you want it to be.

This is a phrase I often use at Producer meetings; “there are 3 legs to the stool” when you are raising livestock;

  1. Herd genetics
  2. Nutrition
  3. Herd health program

All three are vital to your animals, shortcut one of them and all 3 will suffer. 

  • Your cattle can only do as good as their genetics will allow. 
  • If you want them to “do all they can” you have to provide the most optimal nutritional support. The first thing I usually find is a lack of a good mineral program. A salt block with trace minerals is just that – salt with trace minerals – it is not a complete mineral program. Adequate minerals are needed for good conception. Equally needed is an adequate protein supply, is your range strong enough – or are protein supplements needed?
  • Herd health – have you set up a program with your Veterinarian. Does your Vet know your goals for your livestock, for your business? Have the bulls been tested for Trich.  Have you ever tested your animals for “PI” calves. That is “persistently infected” calves that can spread BVD everywhere.

If you need to speak with a Geneticist, Nutritionist or a Large Animal Vet and don’t know one let us know. We can refer you to University Staff, or Feed Companies provide Nutritionists to answer your questions. Equally the Pharmaceutical Companies have Veterinarians and Nutritionists. They are all happy to help. There are amazing resources available to you and we are happy to make that connection for you.