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VetGun CO2 Propellant - 6 x 25 gm, 2 x 90 gm, CO2 Tank


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VetGun CO2 Propellant is an additional CO2 propellant for use with VetGun.

  • Each 25-gram CO2 cartridge provides propellant for 20 to 25 discharges of VetGun.
  • Each 90-gram CO2 cartridge provides propellant for 70 to 90 discharges of VetGun.

The VetGun comes with a CO2 adaptor that fits a specific CO2 cartridge size: either the 25 gm OR the 90 gm.

Be sure to order the CO2 cartridges that fit your gun.

If you would like to modify your existing VetGun to accept another CO2 cartridge size, an additional adaptor may be purchased separately.