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VetGun Insecticide Delivery System delivers insecticide-filled gel capsules to control horn flies and lice on cattle.

The VetGun Insecticide Delivery System is a unique system for delivering insecticide-filled gel capsules (AiM-L VetCaps, sold separately) to control horn flies and lice on cattle. The AiM-L VetCaps burst upon contact to deliver the insecticide. The VetGun is powered by CO2 and can be utilized from 15' - 30' away. It's easy to operate, accurate, and reliable. One person can easily apply insecticide from horseback, pickup, ATV, or while on foot. This VetGun includes two adapters, allowing use with both 25 gm and 90 gm CO2 propellant cartridges (CO2 propellant cartridges or refillable CO2 tank sold separately).