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Tomorrow Mastitis Treatment


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ToMORROW is an antibiotic treatment (Cephapirin Benzathine) intramammary infusion for dry cows. Sold in a box of 12 single-dose syringes.

Do not administer within 30 days of calving or 42 days of slaughter. Box of 12.

Law regulations require a veterinarian prescription in order to ship to California.

Each 10 ml syringe has 300 mg of cephapirin activity in a stable peanut oil gel.

Aveco ends for partial or full insertion into the teat canal.

Treatment with ToMORROW is recommended for use during the dry period of any cow known to harbor mastitis organisms.

Infuse 1 full syringe into each quarter at the time of drying off.

Use no later than 30 days prior to calving.