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Synovex ONE GRASS Implant

Synovex ONE GRASS Implant


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A growth promoting implant containing 150 mg of trenbolone acetate and 21 mg of estradiol benzoate with a porous polymer film coating that extends the pay-out period of the final formulation up to 200 days.

Administering Synovex ONE GRASS to grazing steers and heifers is proven to increase gain and help stretch out performance when forage is still available for grazing.

  • For increased rate of weight gain for up to 200 days in pasture steers and heifers (stocker, feeder and slaughter). 
  • SYNOVEX ONE GRASS is not for use in beef or dairy replacement heifers.
  • Each implant consists of six pellets.
  • Sold in a box of 100 doses