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Coburn - Speedy Calf Feeding Drencher


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Never worry about your calves not getting proper nutrition again with Coburn's Speedy Calf Feeding Drencher!

Calf Feeding Directions:

Birth to two weeks: Two one-quart feedings of colostrum the first day, then one quart of milk replacer three times a day. (Keep fresh water and alfalfa before the calves)

Two to eight weeks: Two quarts of milk replacer twice daily. Begin feeding calf pellets (the best you can buy). Put salt in pen and continue to make water and alfalfa available.

Eight to 12 weeks: Start mixing pellets with a ground feed made by combining ground corn, oats, and bran with a little powdered molasses. Gradually increase the ratio of ground feed to pellets. Feed two pounds of grain per day per calf, plus two quarts of milk replacer twice daily. Continue to offer salt, water, and alfalfa. (Good green pasture may be substituted for the alfalfa.)


  • 15" long tube
  • Larger integral finger grip to make sure you don't drop it
  • Wide top for easy filling
  • Wide stable base so it doesn't break
  • Flexible neck to make sure the calf is comfortable
  • Flow control dial to feed the calf as fast as neccessary