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The expanding depletion of our agricultural soils means that even today’s finest feed ingredients are increasingly micronutrient deficient. The oceans are nature’s richest storehouse of micronutrients. Certain marine plants, unlike plants grown on our agricultural soils, contain the broadest spectrum of trace minerals and other bioactive micronutrients of any plants on earth.

SOURCE Micronutrients are totally natural and derived and concentrated from careful selection of these extraordinary marine plants. Our unique harvesting and processing is dedicated to preserving the maximum bioactivity of these natural materials. Every component undergoes extensive independent laboratory testing to ensure the dependable quality of the micronutrients that horsemen throughout the world have come to rely on since 1975.

SOURCE contains no fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial flavorings, or colorings or added chemicals of any kind.

Dehydrated Seaweed Meals

Feeding Directions:
Mix one heaping measure (included) ½ oz/14g per day with feed, even during hard training, pregnancy and lactation or breeding. Amount based on 1,000 lb. (450kg) body weight. Adjust accordingly. A level measure holds 3 tsp; a heaping measure holds 4 tsp. Feed 1 tsp per 250 lb. body weight. Do not exceed recommended feeding levels.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein, min: 5.9%
Crude Fat, min: 2%
Crude Fiber, max: 6%
Iodine, min: 660 ppm

Made in the U.S.A.