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Pyranha Shine Baby Shine for Horses Coats

Pyranha Shine Baby Shine for Horses Coats


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If you’re looking for blue-ribbon shine, Pyranha Shine Baby Shine Horse Coat Conditioner Spray may be your answer! This water-based formula adds high-gloss shine to your mare’s coat without attracting dust and debris. Enriched with vitamins that protect and repair her coat, this spray features the calming scents of jasmine and sandalwood. Ready, set, showtime!

Key Benefits

  • Adds high-gloss shine to your horse’s coat.
  • Enriched with vitamins to protect and repair the coat.
  • Features a pleasant sandalwood and jasmine scent.
  • Water-based formula doesn’t attract dirt and dust, like oil-based products.
  • Made in the USA.