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Use the Nordict Forge Cow Lift for postparturient paresis, bovine down on wet cement, prolapsed uterus, restraint during surgery, generalized weakness, obturator paralysis or fracture repair. Lightweight, tightens with simple hand crank, self-locking.

Cow Lift

The Nordic Forge Cow Lift features a threaded rod and handle, making it very simple to use. The Cow Lift a must have for a cow down and will fit the smallest calf or largest cow.


The Cow Lift is designed to reduce the chances of slipping and injuring the cow or operator. The Cow Lift is the perfect tool for a cow who is down due to injury or sickness.


How to use Cow Lift:

First, simply place over the back of the cow or calf with the rings centered on the hip bones. Secondly, center the cow or calf directly below the loop on the bar. Both thumb screws are then to be tightened securely. Thirdly, turn the handle on the threaded rod until the ring moves inward and is snug to the hip bone. Fourthly, the cow lift ring that is attached to the crank handle can be adjusted inward until it comes in contact with the "stop" located on the bar. Lastly, hook to power pull or hoist to slowly raise calf or cow.

Note: Do not use over 15 to 20 minutes at a time, excessive usage may damage the pelvis. Practice using the instrument to avoid injury to the animal caused by over-tightening the rings or by dropping the animal due to insufficient ring tension on the hips.

Ranges from 15 3/4" to 30"

Weight Limit: 1500 lbs

Durable and simple to use.

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Linda B.
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Cow lift

Got within just a few days. Helped us out.