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Nolvasan Surgical Bacterial and Fungal Animal Skin Scrub - (1 gal.)


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Nolvasan Surgical Scrub is a proven antimicrobial skin and wound cleanser. Nolvasan Surgical Scrub is used for bacterial and fungal skin infections in animals.

This can only be used for animal premises only.

It contains 2% chlorhexidine acetate (w/v) in a stable detergent base.

Nolvasan Scrub final use dilutions may be applied by wiping, mopping, or spraying on the inanimate surface. It may also be used in fogging (wet misting) operations as an adjunct either preceding or following a regular cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Fog (wet mist) until the area is moist using automatic foggers according to manufacturer's directions.

When applying by wiping, mopping, or spraying: Applicators or other handlers must wear a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes, and rubber gloves.


Rinse the area to be cleansed with clean water. Apply 1 to 5 mL of Nolvasan Surgical Scrub to the area and wash with a sponge or brush for 2 to 4 minutes. It may be necessary to apply additional water to obtain adequate sudsing. Wipe away excess foam with a sterile sponge.


Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If contact is made, flush promptly and thoroughly with clean water. Hypersensitivity to Nolvasan is rare; however, if reactions should occur, discontinue use.

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