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Miracle Collar - Animal Health Express
Miracle Collar - Animal Health Express

Weaver Leather Miracle Cribbing Collar


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It's been named the Miracle Collar for a reason

  • Stops cribbing immediately and humanely, guaranteed by the maker.
  • Keeps all horses from the annoying, expensive and potentially harmful vice of cribbing.
  • This collar was designed by a practitioner of equine dentistry to humanely keep horses from cribbing.
  • This patented, anatomically correct design allows it to be worn comfortably and will apply pressure only to the larynx when the horse begins to crib.
  • Can be worn comfortably while drinking, eating, grazing or even while you are riding without pain or discomfort to the horse.

Russet harness leather with nickelplated hardware.

Sizes: Small, medium, large.