Farrier's Formula Barn Bag 11 LB Bag

Farrier's Formula Barn Bag 11 LB Bag


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Helps keep your horse's diet balanced!

Product Summary:

A Healthy Diet Starts with Barn Bag®. The Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance Horse Pelleted Feed Concentrate is designed to balance hay and pasture diets. 

When fed with hay or pasture, 1/2 cup Barn Bag® (85 gm or 1 scoop in SmartPaks) fulfills the daily nutrient requirement of an average 1,000 lb. horse. 

Barn Bag® is a concentrated nutrient source, which unlike other feeding stuffs, contains a minimal amount of calories and starch. Barn Bag® is ideal for Easy Keepers and horses affected by obesity, Insulin Resistance, Cushing’s, or Metabolic Syndrome. Barn Bag® eliminates the need for compounded feeds.

Should your horse need additional calories to gain weight or for demanding tasks such as riding or competitions, you may add whole oats, beet pulp, or vegetable oil to this diet.

An 11 lb. bag is a 60 day supply for a 1,000 lb. adult horse in average activity.

Made in the USA