Dairy Tech Oxford Ag Colosturm 150 Replacer

Dairy Tech Oxford Ag Colosturm 150 Replacer


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Use Dairy Tech Oxford Ag Colosturm 150 Replacer when:

  • a calf is not going to receive any colostrum in the first 24 hours
  • a calf has been rejected
  • the cow is sick or injured.

Oxford Ag’s Colostrum150 Replacer contains 150g of globulin protein and is derived from high-quality dried colostrum, not serum or blood. It is specially formulated to allow complete mixing without the whisk workout. Other colostrum products require many other tools in order to be fed –a bucket, a whisk, a bottle and nipple or drench bag. And after using all these items, you still need to clean them.

Not so with Oxford Ag Colostrum150 Replacer. It is packaged in a Single-dose Perfect Udder® bag that is ready when you need it.

Just Fill it with warm water, Shake it to dissolve the Colostrum Supplement, and Feed it. After the calf has consumed the entire contents, throw the disposable bag away.


1 easy-to-use, disposable esophageal feed tube

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