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Calving Season Electrolytes, Colostrum, and Disposable feeding tubes

Dairy Tech - Calving Season Essentials Ranch Kit - Colostrum & Electrolyte Supplements


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No Wasted Time. No Clean-Up.

Be prepared for Calving Season with the Dairy Tech Calf Essentials Ranch Kit.

As simple as

  • Fill.
  • Shake.
  • Feed.


  • 3 Doses of Colostrum100 Supplement.
  • 3 Doses of Colostum150 Replacer.
  • 6 Doses of Electrolyte Premium Solution.


  • 12 Disposable Esophageal Feed Tubes.
  • 1 Perfect Udder® Reusable Nipple Assembly.

Why the Colostrum100 Supplement?

During calving season, your dams produce colostrum after birth, but sometimes they don't produce enough in some cases such as

  • Having twins.
  • Inclement weather conditions.
  • The colostrum they produce is questionable.

Why the Colostrum150 Replacer?

Sometimes it's unlikely a calf will get colostrum from the dam due to the dam being sick or injured, or if the calf is lost or being rejected. Either of which, it's important that the calf gets its dose of colostrum consistently to make sure they are healthy!

Why the Electrolyte Premium Solution?

The most critical step towards recovery for a calf that is suffering from diarrhea and severe dehydration is timely rehydration with a quality electrolyte that will help it to re-balance its physiological pH to a normal range.

Oxford Ag Electrolyte Premium Solution has been formulated to meet the latest, most stringent recommendations by leading calf rehydration experts.


  1. Fill the bag with warm water.
  2. Shake the bag to dissolve the product with the water.
  3. Feed the product to the calf.
  4. Throw away the bag when finished.

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