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Cattlemaster 4VL5 Cattle Vaccine


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Cattlemaster 4VL5 is a cattle respiratory vaccine offering safe protection against IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, and Vibrio Lepto.

Cattlemaster 4VL5 combines three kinds of antigens: killed, modified live, and chemically altered. Components are fully compatible.

  • Killed include BVD, Vibrio, and Lepto; modified live include BRSV.
  • Chemically altered include IBR and PI3.
  • Safe for pregnant cows. 
  • Initially, two doses are recommended, 2 to 4 weeks apart.
  • Annual revaccination of one dose thereafter.
  • Calves vaccinated before the age of 6 months should be revaccinated after 6 months of age.

DOSAGE: 5 ml. IM. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.

Available in a 10 or 25 dose bottle.


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