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Allflex - Wireless Cattle Ear Tag Reading Stick - RS420


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The Allflex RS420 Stick Reader is a very rugged hand-held device that can read cattle tags wirelessly! You can use this with other reading sticks nearby for communication and not worry about causing interference with other readers.


  • Wireless, rechargeable, and long-lasting 7.4VDC Li-Ion battery
  • 100,000 ID tag storage
  • Standard EID tag management software
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Water/Drop Resistant

The Allflex RS420 Stick Reader has been proven to work in either daylight or night-time with its large backlit screen.

Additional features include:

  • Larger display and high contrast LCD display screen w/battery level indicator, Tag Type (FDX or HDX) and Clock.
  • The screen also indicates Total numbers of ID's in session AND Total numbers of ID's in the reader.
  • Large Green thumb-actuated Power On/Read button to activate the reader.
  • Red "Exciter Active" visual indicator to alert the user that the reader is "looking" for a tag within range.
  • Green "Good Read" Visual Indicator
  • Menu Access Button
  • Vibrating Handle & Audible Beeper
  • 100,000 ID Tag Storage (10,000 per session)
  • The internal Rapid Charger recharges the battery in about 3 hours

Each reader comes standard with EID Tag Manager Software which can be used to configure or download tag data into useful formats such as Xcel, Word, etc.

Click here for the User Manual.

Click here to see how the Allflex RS420 Stick Reader works!