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AIM-L VetCaps For Fly Control - 30-150 Caps


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Provides 3-6 Weeks of Horn Fly Control.

VetCaps are fired from a VetGun (sold separately).

AIM-L VetCaps are soft gel capsules containing liquid parasiticide for horn fly and lice control in cattle over 600 lbs. The fluorescent orange spot created by the capsule shell will mark that the product is on the animal’s hide.

AIM-L VetCap is a scientifically developed gelatin capsule containing an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved topical insecticide proven effective for the control of horn flies and lice on cattle. The AiM-L VetCaps are specifically engineered to withstand transportation and handling, yet burst upon contact with the animal.

AiM-L VetCaps contains 10 mL of lambda-cyhalothrin encased in a specialized capsule to be used exclusively with the VetGun.

30 caps or 150 caps included.

Apply one VetCap per animal.

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