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6 oz Hentastic Mealworm Poultry Treats

6 oz Hentastic Mealworm Poultry Treats


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Give your backyard chickens something to cluck about with Unipet Hentastic Dried Mealworm Chicken Treats. These tasty dried mealworms provide a protein-packed snack your little ladies will love. Feed them during molting or stress to keep your chickens in top form or use them as training rewards or treats whenever you please. Egg your chickens on to success, health and happiness with these delectably wormy treats!

Key Benefits
  • Chickens love the taste of this high-energy snack.
  • Ideal for molting season, recovery, training, or rewards.
  • Dried mealworms are easier to store than live mealworms and less crawly, too!
  • Resealable package keeps them fresh and dry.
  • Great for ducks and geese too!