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Curicyn Hoof Care Kit


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The Curicyn Hoof Care Kit is a single application product to aid in the ailments that affect the hoofs on livestock and equine such as hoof abscesses, white line disease, thrush, etc.

Each kit contains a specially molded rubber hoof boot, an absorbent, adhesive hoof pad containing an integral formula delivery tube, and a 3 oz. bottle of Curicyn Original Formula in a special applicator tip bottle. Detailed product use instructions are included. The product has shown remarkable effectiveness in addressing hoof abscesses, white line disease, thrush and other hoof specific injuries or wounds. Tackling hoof problems with hoof health

  • A 4 pack kit containing 4 treatment packs
  • A single treatment pack
  • A “Farrier Pack” which contains 10 single packs per case
  • Safe for livestock